Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Perfect Thing

I have heard of knitters that knit items and decide who they'll give them to later.  For the life of me I cannot do this.  In order for me to cast on I have to know who will be getting the finished item, because I have to know that it's the perfect pattern for them and so that when it's finished they'll get something that's made for them with the backdrop of whatever it is having been lovingly crafted with them in my thoughts as I make each stitch.

Last summer I decided to make a hat for this lovely lady I'm acquainted with from church and as I made it I thought to myself "oh Jane will love this."  When I returned from my vacation I discovered that Jane is the lady's best friend's name and I had been reversing their names in my head since I had met them.  I can't for the life of me bring myself to give the hat to either of them because in each case it's wrong and so the hat lives in this weird state of limbo in my front closet.

It's been almost a year since another friend asked me to knit her something.  She doesn't want anything in particular, just something made by me.  As I've looked at patterns and thought of ideas I haven't hit on anything that's right.  I haven't forgotten but I just can't figure out what would be the perfect thing for her.  I'm aware that this hang up is about me more than it's about her; when I finally find something, make it, and give it to her she isn't going to look at it and wonder why it's not the perfect gift ever.

I still can't start a project for her yet, I haven't found anything perfect.

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