Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A place of my own

Since I moved away to university I've lived in a number of different places.  The places I've been at have gotten progressively nicer over time but none of my former homes had a really good place for yarn, so my knitting stuff has always been in several storage containers that stacked on each other.  It was an adequate but not fantastic solution, since I couldn't really see where anything was and getting at the containers was sometimes difficult, but up to this point a yarn storage solution wasn't really something I could make a requirement for my housing choices.

Our new home has this area on the second story which the floor plans label as a "nook."  It's small, at the top of the stairs, and is in this little corner between two of the bedrooms.  We had originally thought we were going to put a computer desk in there but after some discussion have decided that for the time being it's going to be a knitting nook, which I'm thrilled out.  At the moment it's a mess, because the kitchen, family room, and out bedrooms have taken a hire priority that my knitting stuff but I'm so looking forward to having a place for my yarn and notions where things can be nicely organized instead of shoved away in storage totes.

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