Thursday, 28 July 2016

Waiting is Not Easy

Caleb has this adorable book called, "Waiting is not Easy" by Mo Williams.  Basically an elephant is having trouble waiting for a surprise his friend, Piggie, has for him.  That's totally where I'm at right now.  I'm waiting to hear from a magazine about a few submissions I sent them (which I would love to get started on).  They should send out the details about which patterns are accepted and rejected any day (actually a couple days ago), and I have a magazine commission that has been accepted and I've done a bunch of work on but am stalled until the yarn comes.  It should also be here any day.  I feel like a runner at the starting block waiting for the race to start, I know I'll have to hustle once I can get started but at the moment...nothing.  Just waiting.

I'm almost done the third sample knitting square I'm making for a blanket and I'm going to be making a forth because I have nothing to knit in the car tomorrow.  If you're looking for a designer who does breathtaking colourwork Jenise Hope is absolutely worth checking out.

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