Friday, 8 July 2016


I'm doing some sample knitting for this gorgeous modular blanket at the moment, I was really excited do start but it's taken me forever to get gauge.  Yesterday I was so frustrated with it, the beginning is sort of finicky and it's a centre-out square with colour work and it's in the round and so I just had to guess a needle size, start until it's big enough to measure, then rip it out if it wasn't right.  It wasn't right about 4 times.  (Apparently the designer is a super-loose knitter, I am a tight knitter, and our needle sizes have to be waaaay different to achieve gauge.)

I was thinking about why it was so frustrating and I think it's because I just wanted to knit, not go back and forth between starting something and ripping it out.  I am absolutely thrilled that I finally got gauge, I was working happily along and then I realized something, there's a mistake in the chart and I have to wait until I hear from the designer before I move on.  I just want to knit it, it had just gotten fun.

Oh well.
(I should add that I'm participating in the design process, the teeny mistake isn't a reflection of poor work by the designer, she's awesome, and one of the points of other people participating in this stage is to weed out these things.  I'm mostly frustrated because I want to knit.)

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