Monday, 1 February 2016

You notice when you look back

I'm on the hood of Caleb's sweater, the last part save for some sewing and weaving in of ends.  The slide seems are sewn, but the rest of the parts were joined by picking up stitches.  I was looking at the inside of the sweater as I was working on the hood last night and it occurred to me how nice it looked. Everything was really even, the seems and picked up stitches are barely noticeable from the outside and I'm sure a non-knitter wouldn't immediately notice they're there.  I'm really proud of that, when I started knitting that was the sort of thing I'd rush, too eager to get onto the next project.  I never consciously decided to stop that, but it seems I have and as I look at the pieces I've made, especially over the last five years, I see such an improvement in this and I'm happy about that.  It's one of those things I only notice when looking back.

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