Friday, 26 February 2016

All the boring jobs

I try not to have too many things on the needles at once, not because people who only have a couple things going at a time are in any way superior to those who like to have a dozen or more things to choose from, but simply because it's a recipe for me never finishing anything and spending lots of money on yarn with little results.  (This is only a problem for me because it doesn't work for our budget or yarn storage solutions, if it works for you, by all means enjoy it).

Generally I aim for three things on the needle, plus the blanket.  The blanket is a giant garter stitch blanket made out of leftover sock yarn I have so there's always something ready to be knit, it's never at a finicky place in the pattern, and it's always ready to go.  It's more fun than it might sound, it's a spiral sort of thing and I love it somewhat irrationally.  Because its intent is that it's never actually done I figure that doesn't count towards my total.

At the moment I have two hats that are almost done (they just need a crochet flower and their ends woven in) and my sweater.  The sweater had been going well until I realized the second sleeve was way longer than the first one.  I ripped it out to where the decreases should have started and tried again.  It's still too long (although this time it's less than one inch off instead of five).  I figure I'll stop knitting after it's as long as the first sleeve before the ribbing, block it to see if it changes anything, then do the ribbing after.  But that means that all of my projects are at boring parts.

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