Thursday, 18 February 2016

Pressing my button

I have a Knit Kit, it's this wonderful swiss army knife type of multi tool for knitters.  It has a needle guage, yarn cutter, crochet hook, measuring tape, a row counter, and a little compartment for a darning needle, stitch counters, and scissors you can take on an airplane.  I have owned three now (the first one died of old age, the second one died at the hands of my toddler).

I've been using the row counter to track what row I'm on for the sleeves of my sweater, I diligently recorded the rows I decreased on for the first sleeve and with about 15 rows to go on the second sleeve I tried it on.

The second sleeve is already longer than the first one.

The gauge of the two sleeves seem to match.

Caleb must have pressed the button for the stitch counter a bunch of times when I wasn't looking, before I started decreasing.

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