Monday, 18 January 2016

Yarn Shopping

My slippers broke, and so I have had cold feet for about a week now.  One of the free patterns Tin can Knits was giving away before Christmas happened to be a slipper pattern so I decided to make that to keep my feet warm, on Saturday I printed off the pattern and Caleb and I went to the yarn store while Ada napped.  I explained about the slippers and that we needed two colours of yarn.  Caleb immediately informed me that one of the colours should be brown.

We went into the shop and found the yarn (Cascade Eco Plus, if you're wondering) and picked up some nice brown.  I wasn't sure if the contrasting colour should be green or blue so I picked up both of those to hold up beside the brown, so I could see how they looked.

Immediately Caleb said, "No Mommy!  Only need two!  Put that one back!"  I kept the blue.  Apparently he's going to help me keep the stash under control.

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