Thursday, 7 January 2016


I've been frustrated with an airplane sweater I've been making Caleb, and although I have a plan for how to rescue it, I haven't been actually working on that.  The next step was to block the front and back (the parts I have done) and add embroidery  to emphasize the airplane and clouds, since they're lost in the variegated yarn.  (I wanted it to be subtle, but it's hard to see).

I absolutely loath blocking.  Not the results, blocking makes knit fabric more even, does wonders with lace, and evens edges out nicely.  I just think threading the blocking wires through the fabric is boring and I'd rather be knitting.  But last night I got it together and blocked them and the two pieces are happily drying in my basement now.

Blocking wires are awesome, though.  They make getting the edges straight a lot easier.  I'm looking forward to the next part, both the embroidery and actually getting to see the design better.  I'm really hoping it works.

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