Monday, 21 September 2015

Souvenir Yarn

I just got back from a trip to Vermont that was wonderful. There was knitting and lots of food, we went swimming and played with the kids and sometimes we hung out without the kids because my inlaws (who are absolutely wonderful) were there with us and they took Calrb and Ada a number of times.

We visited the local yarn shop and I got buttons for Ada's dress, and yarn. It was hard to find yarn I wanted to buy because a lot of it was lovely yarn that I can buy here in Ittawa and if I'm going to buy souvenir yarn I want it to be something I can't get here.

I finally settled on this: 

The colours are nuts and I love it. In going to make a lined pair of mitts and either a matching hat or cowl. Probably a hat but I'm not sure yet.

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