Friday, 4 September 2015


We are going on vacation in a week and I am panicking for two reasons.

1) I have no idea what I'm going to knit.  I'm so close to the end of my current project that it will be pretty much done by the time we leave.  I may bring it so I can weave in a billion end on the drive but  I will have nothing to knit there unless I actually bother to plan and swatch.

2) There is a yarn shop there.  My husband and I will go into town on a date (a date!  without children!) to have lunch at a lovely little crepe shop.  It's a perfect date, it has CREPES and YARN.  And I am worried that I will ruin it because I can't figure out what I would buy yarn for.

First world problems, my friends, first world problems.

I should stop knitting my current project, do some serious math involving Caleb's sweater, and then pack everything, or just make a scarf and socks and bring the blanket.  Actually, now that I think about it the blanket is a brilliant idea because I always get cold and then I'll have a blanket and a knitting project in one (it's now almost four feet square, big enough to keep me warm while I knit it).  At the yarn store I should be spontaneous and just see what I fall in love with.  I am really bad at being spontaneous, but having two kids is kind of forcing spontaneity upon me simply because I don't have time to plan things and then I have to wing it.

On a related note, I am totally waiting for the time that I'm knitting the blanket with it over my lap and someone's like "You know what would be funny?  If you were knitting the blanket you're working on!" and then I just stare at them because that's what's happening.  This scenario has to play out eventually, people always say that when I'm making a scarf, thinking it's super-funny.

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