Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sewing with needle-nosed pliers

We are planning to go to Vermont this month.  The weather will likely be nice but a bit cool, but that won't stop my son from wanting to swim so it occurred to me this morning I should make him a nifty robe out of a towel (we went to a waterpark last week, the kid was cold but his towel kept falling off his shoulders).

I grabbed a sweater that fits him, some newspaper, and a marker and made a pattern this morning, and  as it's now nap time I've cut everything up and sewed it together.  It's gone remarkably well considering I usually sew out of necessity and have never made my own pattern before.

The only issue is that the waist ties.  They're long thin rectangles, and I've sewn them and am in the process of getting them right side out, it's slow going but I'm using needle-nosed pliers to help and it's going a lot faster now.

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