Friday, 21 August 2015

Yarn Reclaimed

I've been starting to go through our home and give away the items that never get used and don't bring me joy.  It's a cheesy measure of whether or not to keep something but I have to say it's helpful.  I've been doing my clothes first, and there are a few things I've knit that I just don't love.  There are two sweaters I've knit that I never wear.  I enjoyed knitting them but haven't worn them for years, the cut just isn't me.  They're from when I started to knit sweaters and apparently just before I had the epiphany that if I'm knitting clothing for myself I need to use a pattern for something I'd actually wear because the fact that I knit something myself isn't virtue enough to wear it if I wouldn't wear the style anyways.  One of the sweaters has found a home with someone who loves handknits, that makes me happy.  The other one had not and suddenly yesterday I had a realization that since it's not felted at all I could just unravel the thing and then I'd have yarn, which absolutely brings me joy.

Also, I have gotten way better at sewing up seams in the last ten years.

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