Monday, 10 August 2015

The Dress

I am knitting Ada a dress, it is a raglan made out of leftover blue and grey yarn and has stripes of varying widths, and I love it.  I just have one problem:  when doing the math I accidentally substituted the length from the armpits to the hem for the total length of the dress and now the stripe pattern is all messed up and I'm not sure I have enough yarn for the whole thing.

I suppose that's two problems.

I've thought about it, though, and I have a plan.  First, I'm going to go back and finish the arms, this will ensure they match each other and the dress (I need the stripes on the arms to match the body so I don't go bonkers).  This will mean that, aside from a little yarn I'll need for the finishing that all of the yarn that's left is available for the body of the dress.

Secondly, if I make the rest of the stripes a mirror image of the stripes that are already there it doesn't totally mess up the pattern (I've decided starting the pattern over again would look wonky).  Now I just need to find time in this incredibly busy week to work on it before our trip this weekend.  (I don't want to be trouble-shooting in the car, once I'm back on the body it should be smooth sailing).

I really hope it turns out.  Also, I now want to buy more yarn to make the dress I'd pictured instead of this dress, which I'm fairly confident will be acceptable.

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