Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Shopping with my boy

This week at my knitting group everyone was talking about this fabulous yarn sale that was happening in town.  I'd been wanting to buy yarn for Caleb's sweater for a while and this yarn shop was having an awesome sale and just happened to be on the way home from my car appointment today.  When we got there I put Ada in the ring sling, Caleb in the stroller and got to looking around. The sale was quite good, and there was this blue and white variegated yarn, which Caleb pointed at exclaimed "my yarn!"  I looked at it and put it back at which point he shook his head and said, "my yarn!  My yarn!"  He never asks for candy or anything like that when we're out, so this time, he's totally getting a sweater, out of "his yarn."  I love that boy.

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