Thursday, 7 May 2015

Thankful for vacuums

I installed the baby's car seat today.  It required me to take out Caleb's carseat for a bit of rearranging, and if you had ever told me how many crushed up Cheerios, Goldfish, and goodness knows whatever snacks could end up in one back seat I never would have believed you.  The car seats are in, which was one of the few remaining big items on the list of things to get done, and our car is now clean.

I figured there would be some stuff under the carseat, but not that much.

I'm making good progress on Caleb's guitar strap, but I'm going out today and since I'm close to being done that I'm going to bring the blanket.  It's just easier to cart around just one project, even if one is really small.  I've making the strap in two parts that will be connected by buttons.  There are multiple button holes, though, which means it will be able to be adjusted if it gets too small.  The yarn is tan and blue and the buttons are orange, I think it's a particularly charming colour combination.

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