Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A small interuption

Despite being totally in love with the top I'm making, I have taken a short break to make a guitar strap.  Caleb loves music.  He is enthralled by anyone playing any sort of musical instrument, loves his toy piano and drums, and is convinced that the cranks to open the caster windows are microphones and will stand at a window and sing into them.  He has a xylophone which he is convinced is a guitar and will pretend to play his "tar" for ages.  The only thing that could top this is my husband bringing out the real guitar for a father-son jam session.

We decided that he should have his own guitar and bought him a kids' ukulele at ToysRUs.  They had kids' guitars too, but this is a much better size and is aimed at younger kids which I thought might make it slightly more durable (we're still working on being gentle, but so far he's been pretty good with his guitar).  He loves it like nothing else but is having trouble holding and playing it so I found some leftover yarn and am working on a strap for him.  I'm not 100% sure how I'll attach it at the base but I figure I can super-glue a little knob there and all will be good.

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