Thursday, 28 May 2015

Jumping In With Both Feet

When planning out my goals for getting my designs published I decided that this year I would self-publish all of my designs on Ravelry as I worked my way towards submissions for magazines and other publications next year.  As part of working towards submitting patterns to publications for next year I've been starting to research calls for submissions  and looking at what various magazines require.

I've also been working on Caleb's hat for the coming winter.  There are no photos of it online yet, and I'm quite pleased with the result.  There was one call for submissions that I came across that seemed like this particular project would be a really good fit.  The deadline was really close to when I found out about it, but most of the design work was done and I had a finished sample, and I said to my self, "You know what?  Why not now?" ("Because you're about to have a baby and typing up then tech editing the pattern when you have a newborn would be hard" didn't occur to me as a reason until I was about to hit send but by then all the work was done so I figured I should go through with it.)

So the submission has been sent.  I really love designing, and I really want to see my designs published.  Despite those two things I find myself constantly surprised at how, when I come to do something on that path that's a step further than I've been before, something inside me wants to press the breaks and go slower.  Why now now?  The worst that can happen is they don't want it, I have slightly more time to type it up, then I put it on Ravelry myself.  It truly isn't rejection that I'm worried about.

So what is it?  I felt this way the week before my self-imposed deadline to get my designs on Ravelry the first time, there's something about uncharted territory that's unnerving.

I'm glad I sent it in.

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