Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Yarn and Toddlers

I love Caleb dearly, but he makes yarn shopping very difficult.  I've bought yarn with the little guy a couple of times and each time I've gotten home and been like "oh, that's not quite what I was looking for."  It seems that having to keep track of a baby/toddler makes me slightly distracted so I pay less attention to things like yardage.  Also, I make funny colour selections when he's around.

All that to say that I bought my yarn for the next project, it's not entirely what I envisioned, but I like it.  I'm a bit nervous about having enough but have thought of a couple ways of dealing with this.  Now I just need to swatch and do some charting, while getting everything ready for Christmas and everything packed for a vacation, on Sunday.  :)

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