Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I miss knitting

I have been working like mad to get an advent calendar done for my husband.  I had the vision for it for a while but somehow time had gotten away from me.  So for the last couple of weeks instead of knitting I was working on this.

The things around the edge are ornaments, and each day we take one off and after doing advent we put it on the tree.  The scripture readings for advent are on the back, and I'm hoping we'll be able to use it for years.

He absolutely loves it and I'm extraordinarily pleased with how it turned out.

I have two more things I need to make for Christmas, and oddly neither of them are knitting projects. I have one sewing project that's well under way and one other thing that I haven't even bought the supplies for (that's on the to-do list for this evening).

Mostly I miss knitting.  The blanket is inching its way along, and I have plans for a tea cozy.  I had the brilliant plan to use some of the money I've made from selling patterns to buy the yarn.  I transferred the money from paypal to my bank and found out that my debit card has been recalled and they're sending me a new one.  So I cannot go and by yarn.  It should arrive soon though, so I'll use the time for planning and for working on these projects so they're as close to done as possible when I finally get to go to the yarn store.  I can hardly wait.

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