Thursday, 20 March 2014


Sweaters are pretty much my favourite thing to knit and I'm really enjoying how Caleb's little blue sweater is coming together.  The back is done and the front is about 4" long.  It feels like it hasn't grown much in the past few days and last night I realized that's probably because I haven't been knitting it very much, (funny how things like moving decreases my knitting time).  It is getting bigger though and I'm absolutely in love with it.

I have several ideas for other little sweaters for him, including one that looks like a Star Trek Uniform.  The thing is, there are a bunch of engineers in the family and I'd love to do a red one, but then I'm stuck with the problem of dressing my kid like all the guys that die immediately after getting beamed down somewhere unfortunate.  I've been looking at stills and it seems like the ones that get zapped, mauled, impaled, or otherwise unfortunately killed are ensigns or lieutenants while Scotty's a lieutenant commander so I'm debating about whether or not it would be acceptable to make it red and just make sure the stripes on the arms are correct.

I'm also debating about what it says about me that I bothered to research that...

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