Thursday, 8 September 2016

Surprisingly Productive

I've had a really productive day, partly because all of the things on my to do list are fun so I'm procrastinating less and partly because the kids have been super cooperative and have had long naps (it is amazing, let me tell you).

I've been trying to plan my knitting for our upcoming vacation, and I need to do a bunch of swatching.  I picked yarn and came up with ideas the other day and today I made all the charts I need and printed everything and picked out appropriate needles for everything and put them in the ziplock bags with everything else for each project.  I haven't actually swatched most of them yet, but I have this evening where we have a friend of Joshua's coming over so I'll end up sitting and knitting and tomorrow night is a knitting night with friends.  I originally was thinking I wouldn't be able to get this done well because I didn't have time and their realized I had two nights where a lot of knitting would be done and if I did all the prep work I could swatch then.  It's brilliant.

The one odd thing I've noticed about today is I kind of feel like I'm not getting anything done because of all the fun things, like maybe it would actually be productive if I went and scrubbed toilets or something because to do lists aren't supposed to be this fun.  I need to work on that.

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