Monday, 6 June 2016

The big rip

I should have paid closer attention to row gauge.

I'm working on this summer top and it was going really well, I was really surprised how quickly it was knitting up which is awesome because then I'll actually get to wear it this summer, when I realized it was a bit long.  I was 20 rows away from the armholes but had already hit the length it was supposed to be when that happened.  Apparently the row gauge I'm getting is 8 rows/inch instead of 9 rows/inch.

There's bust shaping that needed to be done so I couldn't just decided to do the armholes in the row I was on, since that way there wouldn't be enough stitches.  I did the math and I'd need to eliminate quite a bit of the straight waist rounds to get the length out, so last night I ripped back.  I've got it back on the needles now.  I was worried the stitches would run since it's bamboo and really slippery but it wasn't too bad and I'm back to making progress.

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  1. Oh dear! Well done for not procrastinating over it!