Thursday, 30 June 2016


The hat must have fell out of our car while I was packing it to leave the last stop on our vacation!
Good news: It is safe and at the reception of the resort.
Bad news: That is an hour away from here.
Possibly good news: I may have family members headed that way this weekend.

Worst case scenario I can may them to man lit to me, I'm really happy it was found.

I've been working pretty hard on some design submissions to magazines.  I have one that I sent in last weekend and four more I need to get ready in the next two weeks.  The written parts have been typed and I just need to do swatches, drawings, and some photos.  I've been branching out into new colour combinations and I'm pretty excited about them.  Of course, they're just new to me but it's really nice to get out of that "I like teal" rut, as beautiful as teal is.

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