Friday, 20 May 2016


I've completed the front of Bonny, it looks great.  I have about 35 more rows to do on the back and then I'm done, I'm really looking forward to wearing it.  The ball of yarn was supposed to have had 785y, the project was supposed to take 700y.  I'm not finished but am reasonably close to the end, and the ball of yarn looks like I've used slightly less than half of it, which has me worried.

There are a few options, it's possible that the yardage of the ball band was off (not super likely to be off by a lot but it's possible the ball had a bit more than was stated.)  It's likely that the pattern does overestimate how much yarn it takes to give knitter some insurance and so the yardage estimates come out to nice even numbers.   It's possible I'm having some major issue with gauge and the hole thing will turn out horribly when I block it.

I'm just really really hoping it's not the third possibility.

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