Monday, 30 May 2016


I finally figured out the lace for the blue top I've been wanting to make and I've cast on, it's going really well (I'm not at the lace part yet but that's fine).  It's a bottom-up summer top, and there's no way I'll have the thing ready this summer.  I was initially really disappointed about that but I've decided it's not so bad.  I'll knit it and have it photographed this summer, then size the pattern over the winter, run the test knit in the spring, then release it next late spring/early summer.  It's a much more workable timeline and will end up making the project enjoyable rather than bananas.

One of the things I've gotten better at is figuring out how to make the process of designing and releasing my patterns work well and this timing really fits in with that.  I am hoping to have it done early enough to get to wear it this year, though.  In other news I was told yesterday that one of my patterns is missing a column in a chart (I don't know how the heck that happened).  I hate having this not done well, but have managed to sort it all out now.  The new file is uploaded everywhere but Love Knitting, but I'll have that done soon.

The next thing I have to figure out in terms of the blue top is how I'm going to join the yarn.  It's bamboo, isn't plied, and in about 8 balls, so I need a join that's going to work well with that, it'll take some research.

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