Thursday, 14 April 2016


My test sweater is due on Sunday, and I'm almost positive I'll make it. I have about 30 rounds to go. It looks pretty good, and I'm really glad the that I used the solid for the yoke (also really glad that the designer I'm doing the test for is okay with it). It's looking really good. I'll have a beautiful wool sweater just in time for when it gets warm. I suppose that means I can spend the summer looking forward to wearing it.

I have my knitting group tonight and so I'm saving the sweater for that (this is how sure I am that I'll have it done in time) and spent the last hour recovering our kitchen chairs with wax cloth. They look AMAZING. I agreed to buy chairs with a fabric cover because the chairs were comfy and IKEA said the cover was "removable" so you could "easily" clean it. Apparently they consider having to disassemble part of the chair part of the "easy" cleaning process, because you can't get the thing off without removing four screws, which also means that if I want to wash them when the kids are in bed (and would be okay sitting on the chair without the cover because we're grownups and won't hurt it while the cover gets washed), I can't use the chair because the seat has been removed. And the covers always looked dingy and gross because kids touch things.

JYSK had wax cloth for 4.99 a meter, so I went in to get some and discovered that the one I really liked wasn't actually 4.99 a meter as advertised, but was actually 98 cents a meter. I got four meters and made a matching tablecloth. That, however, was a failure. Too much overhang before the elastic. It's supposed to cling to the underside of the table so small people learning to walk can't pull it off. I think I can rip out the stitches, trim it, and try again, but not today.

It sounds suspiciously like my son has disassembled the childproofing thing on his door handle...

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