Monday, 25 April 2016

Real Life

When I first started designing knitting patterns with the intention to sell them, everything seemed new and intimidating. Every step was something I hadn't done before and a lot of the time it was really hard to push through that.

Last year I felt kind of like a teenage in terms of the business, like I knew some things and could do somethings but there was a lot that was still new and a lot where I felt like I was guessing.

This year I'm starting to really feel like I've got this a bit. Not that I know everything, I definitely don't, but things don't feel as foreign and when I run into a situation where I don't know how to move forward there's a good chance I know where to look for the answers. I've been reflecting on this journey so far as I prepare my first pattern that's going to be published by a third party, it's due next month. The yarn just came yesterday but I've been working on the details and making sure the background info that's listed in the publisher's style sheet is still there. It's new but I can pull this off, and things sort of feel like I'm in my first job.

I'm really enjoying the journey.

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