Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The sweater I'm not knitting

I've been ignoring Caleb's sweater, I just need to sit down and do some math.  It's not even hard math, it's more like checking something then thinking for a moment, but it needs to be a time when the kids are asleep (or quiet and giving me time to do something, but that doesn't happen if they're awake).  So I've been knitting the blanket (it's an ongoing, use up the leftover sock-yarn blanket).  I'm quite happy with it, it's getting bigger and bigger.  Today my mother asked me if I was not going to stop but just keep knitting it forever.  She was completely serious.  I love this blanket project somewhat irrationally and am tempted to keep going forever, but if we're all honest a blanket that's more than five feet square is really big.  A blanket that's in the 7 foot square or larger range is getting to be a bedspread and much after that is just useless.

I have no idea what I'll knit when I'm done it, but thankfully that won't be for quite a while.  A friend just dropped off more yarn today.  I have used up all my own leftover yarn in that weight and other people have generously been providing their leftover yarn, I'm a sucker for thoughtful gifts and so this project is making me all kinds of happy.

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