Monday, 23 November 2015

I can't find my drumsticks

And by drumsticks I really mean by 8mm DPNS, which my son has adopted to play the drums (my pots and pans, pro tip, DPNs are way less noisy than wooden spoons on pots and pans).  He also uses them to play a game he calls golf-burger which is basically hockey (we don't have cable, he has never seen real hockey even though we live in Canada, yes, I know it's sad), the puck is his plastic play food burger, hence the name.

I can find three of the needles.  I want to make a hat but I need all five.  The hat's going to be made out of Cozy-wool, which is a super-bulky half wool half acrylic mix from Michaels.  (I am forever wishing I'd written down the name of yarn I like, I'm planning to start doing it here, I'm pretty sure I can't misplace an entire blog).

I normally don't get yarn from there but a neighbour asked me to knit her something and supplied the yarn and I really like it.  It knits up well, it's super-soft and the weight means it's really good for instant gratification.  I can hardly wait to make it, except I don't want to buy more DPNs to replace the ones that are somewhere in this house.

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