Thursday, 27 October 2016

Old faithful

I'm just at the end of a project and haven't properly swatched and done the math for the next one and I was trying to figure out what to bring to knit night tonight when I remembered Old Faithful.  Old Faithful is a blanket made of leftover sock yarn that sits in a bag at the end of my couch for times such as these.  I've started it maybe two years ago and work on it intermittently, it's about four feet square (it spirals from the inside out), and I'd like it to be about five by five.  Despite being mostly garter I love the thing more than I thought I ever would and it's lovely to see those scraps that were too beautiful to throw out have a home.  I don't work on it much in the summer, since it's a wool blanket that covers my lap as I knit and it's long since ceased to be portable which means taking it to a social thing is usually out of the question, but this is the kind of social thing where a large unwieldy project isn't going to cause a problem.  It's a grey rainy day here and an evening with friends, tea, and Old Faithful is the most charming way I can think to spend an evening.

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