Thursday, 15 October 2015

The worst

Apparently I knit the plane on the second mitt upside down again.  I would quite but the first mitt is so darn cute that I really want to finish the pair.  I think I've got it right this time, which is good because if I have to rip the thing back one more time I'll explode.

Today I was supposed to go somewhere where I was going to have a cup of tea and work on this stupid mitten for 20 minutes before something else was to start.  I was so looking forward to it.  Then my little guy fell down the stairs, got a huge gooseegg on his little head so we ended up at the hospital instead.  He is fine, but I feel so bad.  He hasn't slipped on the stairs in ages so a little while ago I started letting him walk behind or beside me when we were going up the stairs.  He's happy (he was mostly upset that he dropped his snack cup) and relaxing now.  Ada is sleeping and my mother brought me nougat so hopefully the next hour will be relaxing because my heart is still racing.  I love that little guy.

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