Friday, 3 October 2014

Lovely little squares

One of my friends at crafternoon has been knitting dishclothes, they're for gifts and she's sick of them.  Naturally this inspired a second friend at crafternoon to also make dishclothes.

I love knit dishclothes but I hate the fact that dishcloth cotton always seems to pool and look like camo, not that there's anything wrong with camo if that's the look you're going for but, it's not generally what I had in mind.

So Karen was knitting away at her dishcloth which happened to be enterlac, which was something that's always kind of interested me in a I-should-do-that-eventually kind of way, and instead of the colours pooling it looked like this:

No pooling, just amazing little striped squares!  Also, I love the colours.  I told her this and she immediately gave me a second copy of the pattern and pulled out enough yarn from the centre of her ball so I could make one too.

This made my day.  The picture is actually of my finished dishcloth and I am tempted to go buy more of the yarn so I can make some for mother's day, and for myself.

I also started a cowl.

I am having a fun week.

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