Thursday, 25 September 2014

Yarn Requirements

Caleb totally needs mittens, it got cold so I finished the first and got the second half done, then it got warm again.  Mittens for one year olds are pretty little so I'm not worried, finishing the second one will take less than an hour so I'm back to knitting the blanket.

I measured it, and by surface area (and the amount of knitting) I am over one third done.  This means to finish I need approximately twice as much more yarn as I have used thus far.  I totally have less yarn than that.  By "less yarn" I mean I have less leftover yarn in the weight the blanket is.  I can absolutely just go and buy some but the act of choosing the next little ball will be lost if I just go out and buy new balls.

I'm going to keep knitting until I run out and see how far I get (my guess it to less than the half way point).

One of the things I've really enjoyed is the fact that I don't have to figure out the next project just so I can have something to knit has meant that I've been thinking about some other projects I've wanted to do but that require some musing before starting.  The metres and metres of stockingette are good for musing.  

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