Thursday, 17 July 2014

Almost enough

The colourwork mittens I'm making are using up leftover balls of yarn.  As a result when I planned out which colours would be used for which parts of the pattern I was making a guess that I would have the right amounts.  The guess wasn't completely random, I weighed all the balls before I started and assigned the larger balls to the large sections and the smaller parts to the smaller sections, and I was fairly confident I would have the right amount but it was still a guess.

In these mittens there are two sections that use green, at the tip of the mittens (which is the start, as the mittens are made top-down), and a large stripe of green and white colourwork around the hand.  As I started this stripe on the second mitten I looked at the yarn I had left and wondered if it would be enough.  As I neared the halfway point of the stripe I realized it would be pretty close.

I ran out of yarn about 50 stitches short of where I needed to be.  I contemplated my options.  I could order a whole other ball of yarn, which wouldn't be the same dye lot and would mean I'd have to wait to continue.  I could use another colour, which would drive me absolutely batty, and since these mittens are for me isn't an option because I'd never ever ever be able to forget about it.  I sat there for a moment wishing there was a third option until I realized there was a solution.  I wove in the green ends up then spliced the scraps together.

I cannot tell you how relieved this makes me.

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