Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Sweater With Cables

I've wanted to make a sweater for Caleb for a while, but we were given enough that he could wear a different one every day for a week without repeating one (he might be able to get to two weeks, actually) so it's silly to knit another.  

I told myself I would make him one for next winter, since we don't have any bigger clothes yet.  That way the yarn and the time wouldn't seem like a waste.  I told myself it would be a beautiful cabled sweater, that it would be warm and cozy and perfect.  I love cables, I love that there are a million variations, I love the depth and warmth they add to the fabric, I love that people think cables look really complicated and tell me there's no way they could every make something like that because it's really, really hard.  (I may be a bit of a showoff, but I do try to explain that they're pretty straightforward.)  I told myself the fact that I'm making it for next winter means I have tons of time to find the perfect pattern and the perfect yarn and the fact that it would be sized 18-24 months meant I'd be pretty much guaranteed that it wouldn't be too small.  Then, while looking through a Debbie Bliss Magazine I got for Christmas I came across this:

It was everything I was picturing, except the biggest size is 12-18 months which might work for a couple of months.  I thought about making one that size and just accepting that it would be a fall sweater, but he'd still outgrow it before the cold of winter which is totally what I wanted it for.  However, a very close friend is having a boy this spring and I was going to make a baby blanket, but it's their second and they already have baby blankets from their first and I decided this would be perfect, I'd just make it big enough that it should fit in the winter, if the baby is a bit small or big it will still fit when it's cold.  I thought I'd made peace with not making this sweater for Caleb until I started looking at the yarn, which was an amazing price, and there were two colours that I really liked, and I thought about it and made a decision.

They're both getting a sweater.  I'm knitting the small one first (and it has instructions for that size) and I'll alter the largest size to make it bigger afterwards, in some ways the small one will be like a really involved swatch.

I really, really like cables and they're going to look so cute in their matching sweaters.

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